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- Anonymous

woah !!

are you someone I know???

im really curious now :-00

but thank u omg


if u ever meet me in real life do me a favor and hug me for like 2 solid days ok I’m a very sad very cuddly person

  • ♂ =  I am a boy who has a crush on you
  • ♀ = I am a girl who has a crush on you
  • () = I am a nonbinary/genderqueer person who has a crush on you
  • * = just delete your tumblr already
  • æ = Post a picture of yourself
  • $ = You’re awesome
  • # = I love your blog
  • @ = You’re beautiful
  • + = i hate you.
  • % = You’re ugly
  • <3 = I want to fuck you
  • & = I wish we were close
  • ~ = I wish we were friends in real life
  • ? = I relate to a lot of the same things you go through 
  • ! = You inspire me




i am a shit baby and i shit myslef all over i am upset please change my diarrhea diaper andd put me down for a piss baby nap


What the hell? I never said this…


as yet untitled (eyes), 2013;

when i was nine i said to my mom “do you like lube?” 

i was referring to the neopet, lupe

and even to this day, i get the words mixed up holy frick


Dan Smith pointing (yet again, and still badly) at his album. That’s your face, Dan.

ॐ cyberspace princess ॐ